You’re the Reason Our World is Warmin’

Releases ‘Earth Day’ April 22, 2024


You’re the Reason Our World is Warmin‘ is a lyrical adaptation of ‘You’re the Reason Our Kids are Ugly’ originally recorded and released by Loretta Lynn and Conway Twitty in 1977, and written by L.E. White and Lola Jean Fawbush a few years previous.

When Loretta died in 2022, a friend of mine sent me a list of her more controversial song titles.
One song in particular caught my eye ‘You’re the reason Our Kids are Ugly’. Who could pass over that!! I listened and found the song had such charm that I couldn’t stop myself singing the chorus over and over.

For many years, I’d been encouraged to write a climate song and I do believe in the power of the arts to sway public opinion.
But I resisted. My attempts at song writing within the constraints of the jargon (of climate change) just wouldn’t sit right.
‘Honey, what in god’s name rhymes with sequestration?!!

But in one of those rare moments where ideas collide, I began singing ‘You’re the reason our world is warmin’ instead of ‘You’re the reason our kids are ugly’. And from there, I completed the song with new words referencing the everyday choices we make that affect our collective carbon footprint, while keeping the laid back charm of Loretta and Conway, poking fun at each other’s imperfections!

With the new version recorded, featuring the inimitably evergreen Fiachna Ó Braonáin as ‘Conrad’ I began the process of getting clearance from the respective record companies to release the song as a lyrical adaptation.
Not so straight forward as one might think! Eight months later, I finally got the email I’d been waiting for, with permission to release the song, all royalties being retained by the original writers.

So here it is, the most light hearted song about the most serious of issues.
You’ll find references to high carbon modes of transport (flygskam), high carbon foods, fast fashion, cloud storage, composting, palm oil shampoo, recycling duties – it’s all there:)

Enjoy, carbon neutrally!

‘You’re the Reason Our World is Warmin’ is out this coming Earth Day April 22nd 2024.


Vyvienne Long



Vyvienne Long vocals and keys
Fiachna Ó Braonáin vocals and guitar
Robbie Malone bass and percussion
Produced by Joe Chester
Mixed and Mastered by Ciaran Byrne

Writers: L E White /Lola Dillon
Publishers: Sony Music Publishing (UK) Limited obo Tree Publishing Co Inc./Twitty Bird Music Publishing Co/BMG Rights Management (UK) Limited



© All Rights Reserved


Ten Years From Now

Released July 2, 2023
Vyvienne Long with the Irish Chamber Orchestra



Cellist, singer, and composer Vyvienne Long has joined forces with the Irish Chamber Orchestra for her latest single release. Ten Years from Now is written and arranged by Long, and performed with the Irish Chamber Orchestra, directed by Katherine Hunka. It was recorded at the ICO Studio on campus at the University of Limerick.

Ten Years from Now originally featured on Vyvienne’s 2019 album, A Lifetime of High Fives. This recreation with Irish Chamber Orchestra is a delicate, arresting, and thought-provoking song. It is beautifully disarming, intensely personal, and just captures the heart.

Passionate about cross cultural collaborations, Irish Chamber Orchestra was committed to inspiring individuals and connecting communities during lockdown. ICO collaborated with Vyvienne on a short film for Ten Years from Now which resulted in an ethereal and emotive video directed by Shane Serrano. The film music was recorded by Paul Ashe Browne, mixed, and mastered by Ciaran Byrne, with Cinematography by Shane Serrano, Sean Doupe and VFX by Philip Shanahan. It was produced by Crude Media and Irish Chamber Orchestra and featured at a recent ICO Originals Showcase at The Hunt Museum.

Vyvienne says “collaborating with ICO was a true realisation of my music and as such, a dream come true. The orchestra played the arrangements with an intimacy and vibrancy and the recordings we made just fly.”

ICO CEO, Gerard Keenan added “I would like to thank Vyvienne for her time and for reinventing Ten Years from Now with Irish Chamber Orchestra. We are very appreciative of all the creatives who worked with us in extraordinary circumstances and enabled us to forge many new relationships with an extensive cohort of artists and artforms”.

The new single Ten Years from Now is available for purchase on Bandcamp and streaming across all digital platforms.



© All Rights Reserved

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A Glass of Laughter

Vyvienne Long – October 2020

This track features Vyvienne Long on vocals, piano, and cello, joined by Thibaud Empey on Marimba and Luke Slott on chorus vocals.


Purchase via bandcamp.

“Completely and utterly blown away…beautful” Tom Dunne, DJ, Newstalk Radio.


Released October 23, 2020
Vyvienne Long, vocals, piano, cello
Thibaud Empey, marimba
Luke Slott, vocals



© All Rights Reserved

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A Lifetime Of High Fives

Vyvienne Long – November 2019

1. Seahorse
2. Money Stuff
3. Let Go
4. Banish
5. Ten Years From Now
6. This Monster
7. Photographs
8. Enough
9. You’re The Sun
10. If You Ever Regarded Me
11. Adonde Vas
12. Some Wretched Curse

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Caterpillar Sarabande

Vyvienne Long – November 2010

1. Late, Always
2. They’re Not Waving
3. Treacherous
4. Test Of Endurance
5. Tactless Questions
6. Freakscene
7. Bad Move
8. Hideaway
9. The Ring Road
10. To The End
11. Happy Thoughts


Packed in very heavy gatefold sleeve

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Vyvienne Long Live with The Balanescu Quartet

Vyvienne Long – November 2013

Live with The Balanescu Quartet and the Blunnie Sisters.

  1. Let’s Go
  2. Seahorse
  3. Money Stuff
  4. Happy Thoughts
  5. If You Ever Regarded Me
  6. Photographs
  7. She Can’t, The Inheritance
  8. Random Man On The Motorway
  9. Late, Always
  10. They’re Not Waving
  11. And I Love Her


Recorded by David Kent in February and March 2013 at the following venues:
Holy Trinity Church, Fethard, Co. Tipperary
Triskel Christchurch, Cork
Freemason’s Hall, Dublin
The Druid Lane Theatre, Galway
The Dock, Carrick-On-Shannon, Co. Leitrim
Mermaid Arts Centre, Bray, Co. Wicklow

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Birdtalk (EP)

Vyvienne Long – 2006

1. They’re Not Waving
2. Blue Carousel
3. He Wants To Move
4. Never Leave You
5. Yoshimi


Recorded Pyro studios, Dublin
Comes in standard jewelcase with factory printed CDr

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Please Santa, Let’s Go (Single)

Vyvienne Long – 2015

1. Please Santa, Let’s Go

Recorded at The Meadow, Co.Wicklow with Rian Trench. Mixed by Steve Shannon at Experimental Audio.

Mastered by Richard Dowling at wav mastering.

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Please Santa, Let’s Go – Song Sheet & CD

Vyvienne Long – 2015

Song sheet & CD for ‘Please Santa, Let’s Go’ single.

Recorded at The Meadow, Co.Wicklow with Rian Trench. Mixed by Steve Shannon at Experimental Audio.
Mastered by Richard Dowling at wav mastering.

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Beatles (EP)

Vyvienne Long – 2009

1. And I Love Her
2. Please Please Me
3. Come Together


All songs performed and arranged by Vyvienne Long
Recorded at Tidal Bay Studios by Geoffrey Perin.

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Vyvienne Long: Limited Edition 5 CD Bundle

Vyvienne Long

All 5 hard copy releases for limited time only:


  • A Lifetime of High Fives (Album)
  • Caterpillar Sarabande (Album)
  • Vyvienne Long Live with The Balanescu Quartet (Album)
  • Please Santa, Let’s Go (Single)
  • Beatles (EP)


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