‘New Album’

It’s a funny thing when you’ve finished a project that has kept you awake, has alarmed clocked your mornings,
has filled every waking thought for a number of years.
I’m there. My album is finished and is set to be released on November 29th. Every note of it has rewarded me with euphoria, then a dull hopelessness, all the way back to a big optimism.
Life would have been easier if I just rolled along these last years, I might have been a more conscientious parent, there’d probably be an extension on one side of the house, I’m sure I’d have done yoga. And I wouldn’t have taken the vow of poverty.
But that would have meant keeping silent, and a musician can’t keep silent.

The album is about the struggle, the constant (f*g) struggle of life, most works of art are, in some way.
There’s rage, escapism and a lot of tenderness.
In arrangement, the songs are string based, myself on cello, joined by the Con Tempo Quartet, double bass, drums and then there’s my infamous pounding piano songs..with gentle clarinet and the brilliant Laetare Vocals.

This album is the world cup for me, and despite the effort, the joy, the cost and the sacrifice of it I’ll never regret making it.
But I can’t score unless you listen to it!
On Nov 29th take one song and tell me what you think.
I hope you’re curious!

Have a weekend.


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