A reluctant update..but maybe it suits the weather.

I have had to set the date of my album release back to Nov 29th. So Friday Nov 29th 2019 will be the day that A Lifetime of High Fives
will appear on all streaming platforms and Joe Dolan will be removed from my mothers breadcrumbed cd player and I shall take his place. (Woe betide her if the neighbours can’t hear me when they step into their gardens that day.)

The physical cd’s are at the printers for those awaiting a pre order and I promise, it will be worth the wait.

Thank you all so much for your support here, I am one hundred percent grateful for the positive responses I’ve read and hope that you will take a moment to stream(/listen/request on your favourite music program) the new album on Nov 8th. Even better if you press the pre order button to receive the Stephanie Sloan designed cd cover with lyrics booklet inside. Own it! Own it! Own it!!

In the meantime here’s a private link to one more song from my album until midnight tonight!


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